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Ganzo 713 sort

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Description of Ganzo G713 Knife:
This model has length equal to 210 mm in active state, and 120 mm in folded state. Ganzo G713 has a drop-point type blade. The blade on one side is smooth with direct sharpening of cutting edge, and on the opposite side there is a section with serrated teeth that allows to use a knife for cutting hard, multilayer materials (string, for example). The blade length of this model is 90 mm, and thickness is 3 mm. At the same time, it is easy to handle.
The blade is made of high-alloy stainless steel 440C and it positively proved in many sectors of industry. With this steel, the blade retains sharpness for a long time and does not require sharpening. Finger grooves with textured sections on the surface of, allows to hold the knife comfortably, regardless of operating conditions. The handle is made of ultra-high-strength plastic material G10 main advantages of which are resistance to many aggressive, chemical substances and insensitivity to temperature drop. Finger grooves with textured sections on the surface of the hand-hold allow a knife to be user-friendly despite conditions of use.
The handle has several open slots for attaching the string to them, through which you can attach a knife to the outfit. In addition, the handle has a special clamping clip using which you can fasten the knife to a belt, for instance.
kr 295,00 kr 236,00

Ganzo 7501 oransje

Lager: 2

Ganzo G7501 model - well-built knife with fresh and stylish look. Its design allowed to get such a convenient and functional knife for tourists, hunters and fishermen. Ganzo G7501 will serve you faithfully.
kr 375,00 kr 300,00

Ganzo F7041 karbon

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kr 325,00 kr 260,00

Victorinox Hunter Pro Alox Ltd 2022 Thunder Gray

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kr 1 395,00 kr 1 116,00

We Knife 611 Purple

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Closed: 5"; Blade: 3.75" l S35VN Stainless l Standard Edge; Handle: Purple l Titanium; Other Info: Thumb Slot l Thumb Ridge l Pocket Clip l Extended Tang. Black and satin finish drop point blade. Black nylon zippered storage pouch. Ceramic ball bearing. Boxed.
kr 3 390,00 kr 2 712,00

Ganzo Razor Pro slipesett

Lager: 3

First of all, the material for the manufacture of the machine. The sharpener is made of aluminum and steel, protected from corrosion. This in itself guarantees the sharpener strength, resistance to wear and a long service life.
The Ganzo Razor Pro has a clever design. The base of the model can be screwed to the worktop using the vice included in the set. The sharpening machine is assembled from several parts, so it is easy to transport when disassembled. The set contains three sharpening stones, each of which is fixed on a plastic base. They can be quickly attached to the rail and replaced one at a time for best results.
Grain size of stones: 120 grit, 320 grit, 600 grit and 1500 grit. By means of stones with different grain sizes, it is possible to carry out a full-fledged sharpening of a blunt tool. For processing with a sharpener, you can use regular and serrated blades. The sharpening machine will cope with sharpening not only knives, but also scissors, construction or agricultural tools, as well as various other devices. It is also important that the sharpening angle can be selected independently. As a result, with relatively little effort, you can tidy up different types of knives. For example: hunting, tourism models, thin sirloin specimens. And all this can be done with one sharpener.
In the set along with the Ganzo Razor Pro sharpener, the manufacturers also provided a special case bag. It is convenient to store and transfer the model in it. Attached are a wrench, a box and four grinding stones of different grain sizes, which were already discussed above. When packaged, the grinder takes up very little space, and you can easily take it with you, for example, on a trip or a hike. After all, you will need to sharpen knives not only at home, but also outside it, and in this case a small sharpener will come to the rescue. There is no more reason not to process the blade in time, especially since with the Ganzo Razor Pro sharpener it is easy, fast and simple to do it.
The sharpener is characterized by the following features:
it makes it possible to process different types of blades;
suitable for sharpening many tools, not only knives;
provides a rigid fixation of the blade;
it is possible to quickly replace stones;
easily attaches to the table;
has small dimensions;
it is convenient to transport;
the set includes bars with different types of grain size.
kr 749,00 kr 599,20

Ganzo Touch Pro Steel slipesett

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The Ganzo Touch Steel sharpening system has been created for sharpening blades of different type, i.e. knives, scissors and other tools. All details are made from steel, and that’s why the Ganzo Touch Steel Sharpener has such great strength and durability. The company has developed another Ganzo universal grinder, called Touch Steel. Its main characteristics being a metal structure, so there a no concerns about the strength and durability of the tool. Optionally, the user can fasten the base of the grinder to a table top or other surface and for this purpose there are special for bolts. It is of course, quite possible just to hold the tool so that it doesn’t move while sharpening a knife. It is also important to note that the grinder Ganzo Touch Pro Steel is more compact than previous models; therefore, it is easier to transport. The grinding guide consists of two separate parts. The handle on this model is oblong with a rubber coating. Touch Pro Steel will appeal to both home workers who do not have experience in self-sharpening of knives and also professional users. The grinder provides the user with some flexibility with the whole sharpening process, by selection of the most appropriate parameter settings. The knife can be firmly fixed using a clamping plate, and in this position the use can be assured that no hands will be injured during sharpening. The blade will always be set at the correct angle of inclination. Sharpening angle is set individually depending on the type of sharpened tool.
The grinding tool kit includes four grinding stones grinding stones ate different levels of granulation. The mechanism of grinding stone replacement in the Ganzo Touch Pro Steel, allows for easy and quick setting, done in seconds! With the grinder Ganzo Touch Pro Steel in base kit form, high quality sharpening of heavy blunt knives can be done with confidence.
Metal structure throughout;
Sharpening angle is freely adjustable;
Rigid fixation of the blade is possible;
The grinder can be fastened to any smooth surface;
Sharpening function knives of any purpose, scissors, construction and garden tools;
Fast change of grinding stone is possible.
kr 595,00 kr 476,00

Gränsfors Liten Klyveøks

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kr 1 799,00 kr 1 439,20

CRKT Jumbones

Lager: 4

Designed by Jeff Park in Mililani, Hawaii
When student becomes master. In 2018, Jeff Park—under the tutelage of Ken Onion—released his first production knife, the Crossbones everyday carry folder. It won Blade Show’s coveted Knife of the Year award. Now, it’s back and it’s big. Really big.
Jumbo version of the Crossbones, Blade Magazine 2017 Import Knife of the Year
Flipper opening combined with IKBS™ ball bearing pivot system deploys the blade smooth and fast
AUS 8 blade steel takes an edge well and is ideal for everyday carry
Durable and lightweight hard anodized aluminum handles
kr 1 943,00 kr 1 554,40

CRKT Kova OD Green

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kr 675,00 kr 540,00

CRKT M16 04 Tanto Deadbolt

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Reimagined from the late Kit Carson’s fan-favorite M16, this modern tactical folding knife packs three revolutionary innovations into a single design. Locked and loaded, the M16-04DB combines Deadbolt, Assisted Opening, and IKBS ball bearing pivot system, creating the ultimate everyday carry you’ll definitely want to have on your side. It might be a classic, but this knife is built to perform in the modern world.
Strong And Simple: Deadbolt lock provides incredible strength and it's easy to use
Assisted Opening: Flipper deploys the blade fast
Smooth Opening: IKBS ball bearing pivot deploys the blade smooth
Superior Performance: D2 blade steel for excellent edge retention
Strong and Lightweight: aluminum handle combines strength with minimal weight
Low Profile: pocket clip provides secure carry
kr 1 995,00 kr 1 596,00

CRKT Minimalist Persian

Lager: 3

Honoring an iconic 17th century Persian blade, the Minimalist® Persian features a long curvature design with minimalist grip for absolute precision and control. Put to use outdoors or for fine detailing, this fixed blade knife wields the impressive rigor of a scalpel—gliding and cutting wherever you decide it lands.
Easy To Sharpen: High carbon stainless steel blade takes an edge well Minimizes Reflectivity: Bead blast finish reduces reflection
Strong and Visual: Resin infused fiber handle combines strength with visual appeal
Gear Compatible: Durable thermoplastic sheath with mounting options
Compact Utility: Lightweight and easy to carry
kr 495,00 kr 396,00