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CRKT Minimalist Persian

Lager: 4

Honoring an iconic 17th century Persian blade, the Minimalist® Persian features a long curvature design with minimalist grip for absolute precision and control. Put to use outdoors or for fine detailing, this fixed blade knife wields the impressive rigor of a scalpel—gliding and cutting wherever you decide it lands.
Easy To Sharpen: High carbon stainless steel blade takes an edge well Minimizes Reflectivity: Bead blast finish reduces reflection
Strong and Visual: Resin infused fiber handle combines strength with visual appeal
Gear Compatible: Durable thermoplastic sheath with mounting options
Compact Utility: Lightweight and easy to carry
kr 495,00 kr 396,00

CRKT Minimalist Gears Bowie

Lager: 4

kr 495,00 kr 396,00

CRKT Onion Shakaulu

Lager: 1

Unusual specialty hunting knives have been a CRKT staple for many years, and this one is no exception. Conceived by Hawaiian knife maker and big game hunter Ken Onion, this knife is the fusion of two ancient tools: the ulu palm knife and scraper of Alaskan and Canadian tribes, plus the cleaver. Both tools go back many thousands of years, and the earliest flaked stone ulus found date back more than 50,000 years.
As a laid-back Hawaiian, Ken has named the product for the shaka Aloha spirit hand sign, thus it's the Onion Shakaulu™.
Ken developed this tool because there is a real need for it. After taking a large game animal it is a versatile tool for the heavy-duty tasks, with a gut hook, a fully curved Razor-Sharp skinning edge, and a handle that allows it to be used as a cleaver to separate pelvic bones, or even to quarter a large carcass in the field.
The blade of the Shakaulu is exceptionally thick and heavy, the hallmark of a traditional cleaver. It has a high convex grind for maximum strength. The blade is made of 65MN carbon steel for maximum toughness, and is black powder coated to resist corrosion.
The handle is Twin-Fused™— first injection molded with a hard black polypropylene handle form, which is followed by softer dark green TPE plastic inserts. The handle is ergonomic, giving a secure grip in cold weather and while wearing gloves.
For skinning, the Shakaulu can be gripped high like an ulu, with the thumb on the thumb hole. For cleaving, it can be gripped by the handle. Because the Shakaulu is a heavy tool, Ken designed a special heavy-duty molded polypropylene sheath that incorporates a locking pin, on a flexible retaining strap, that goes through the tool's thumb hole. This sheath allows secure inverted carry, and is convertible left or right. A removable belt clip is included, and the sheath has multiple slots and grommets to allow lashing to a backpack or pack animal. The Shakaulu should not be confused with a brush cutter or hatchet. It is a much more sophisticated skinning tool, and the Razor-Sharp edge is not intended for such use.
But if you need to make short work of a large animal before the snow flurries, or hyenas, close in, the Shakaulu is the tool for you.
kr 1 195,00 kr 956,00

CRKT Parascale

Lager: 4

Designed by T.J. Schwarz in Boise, Idaho
Built for bushcraft. Deadbolt is an industry shifting innovation on so many levels. TJ Schwarz just uncovered one more and put it into the Parascale outdoor folding knife. If you’re wondering why you’ve never seen a paracord-wrapped folder before, it’s because you probably haven’t—unlike a frame lock or liner lock, Deadbolt only impacts the pivot, making the Parascale a highly useful outdoor folding companion.
Innovative Deadbolt Locking Mechanism is Simple to Use and Provides Incredible Strength
D2 Blade Steel for Excellent Edge Retention
Cord-Wrapped Handle Enhances Grip in Wet or Dry Conditions, and Offers Options for Unexpected Situations Out in the Field
kr 1 671,00 kr 1 336,80

CRKT Pilar III Black w/D2 Blade

Lager: 3

kr 947,00 kr 757,60

CRKT Kith Black

Lager: 3

The Kith is designed by veteran knifemaker Ken Steigerwalt, who takes inspiration from traditional midlock joints and backlock folders to create a whole new approach with his front lock design. Intuitively constructed, opening the blade feels second-nature, giving this knife’s Old English name for “friend” a whole other meaning.
Easy to Sharpen: High carbon stainless steel blade takes an edge well
Strong and Lightweight: Glass-reinforced nylon handle is durable and lightweight
Safe and Secure: Unique front lock mechanism utilizes the liners as springs
Ambidextrous: Thumb stud and front lock allows blade opening and closing with either hand
Low Profile: Deep carry clip rides low in the pocket
kr 495,00 kr 396,00

CRKT M16-03 Bronze w/Silver Blade

Lager: 3

kr 724,00 kr 579,20

CRKT Onion Jake

Lager: 5

Designed by Ken Onion in Kaneohe, Hawaii
Back by popular demand. The Jake is Ken Onion’s gift to the knife enthusiast world.
The highly-requested design is named after one of Ken’s longtime fans and built to be the perfect everyday carry. Balancing strength and portability, it combines a 3.3-inch drop-point blade with a lightweight handle for a do-everything knife that excels wherever and however you use it, including when showing it off to your friends.
Smooth Opening: IKBS ball bearing pivot deploys the blade smooth
Superior Performance: Sandvik 12C27 blade steel for excellent edge retention
Fast Opening: Flipper deploys the blade fast
Durable and Lightweight: Aluminum handles with G10 inlays combine durability and lightweight performance
Easy Closing: Liner lock can be easily closed with one hand
Low Profile: Pocket clip provides secure carry
kr 1 695,00 kr 1 356,00

CRKT Tighe Breaker

Lager: 1

World-class designer Brian Tighe took his tried-and-true Tighe Breaker™ folder and converted it into a tactical fixed blade. This no-frills, combat and utility blade is wrapped with a para-cord handle so if you find yourself faced with an unexpected obstacle on a mission, the Tighe Breaker™ is there to step in as a solution.
Black Stonewash Finish
Lightweight Skeletonized Paracord Wrapped Handle
Injection Molded Sheath with Belt Loop for Multiple Carry Options
kr 695,00 kr 556,00

CRKT Prequel

Lager: 4

Designed by Lucas Burnley in Orleans, Massachusetts
Simple. Robust. Compact. The mark of a masterful designer is a knife whose utility is as high end as the fit and finish. With a clean profile and Field Strip, the Prequel everyday carry folder asserts itself to the top shelf.
Field Strip – Disassemble your knife for cleaning without tools
Hybrid utility blade shape; a blend of modified Sheepsfoot and Tanto with satin finish for enhanced corrosion resistance
Durable glass reinforced nylon handles are lightweight with excellent grip
kr 650,00 kr 520,00

Mora Classic nr. 3

Lager: 17

Morakniv Classic knivarna är vår hyllning till den svenska hantverkstraditionen som vi varit en del av i över ett sekel. Morakniv Classic Nr 3 med sitt karaktäristiska rödbetsade och spolformade björkskaft är en mångsidig kniv med ett 135 mm långt blad av kolstål som passar till många olika användningsområden och situationer.
Knivarna i Morakniv Classic kollektionen är tillverkade av kolstål vilket gör kniven enkla att skärpa men kräver mer underhåll när de utsätts för fukt eller befinner sig i påfrestande miljöer – se bara till att hålla bladet rent och torrt så minimeras risken för korrosion. Det karakteristiska spolformade och rödbetsade björkskaftet introducerades för omkring hundra år sedan med ambitionen att efterlikna en exklusiv mahognykniv. Slidan av polymer har en polerad yta och är klädd i Dalavapnet. Den kompletteras med en bältesstropp i svenskt vegetabiliskt garvat läder, designad att stå emot tidens tand i generationer framöver. Sedan dess har Morakniv Classic vuxit till att bli en av de mest älskade livsstilsknivarna i världen – en tidlös Morakniv i sin renaste form.
kr 360,00 kr 288,00

Helle Kletten, mod. 662

Lager: 7

Kletten is Helle's smallest blade yet. Weighing in at 84 grams, Helle’s first everyday carry, is a pocket-sized companion for simple, everyday tasks. Based on 87 years of Scandinavian design, the Kletten is an heirloom quality gentleman’s knife with a slim, elegant and handcrafted finish.
The characteristic curly birch scales add depth of pattern and color to each handle, reinforced with stainless steel liners and a stable lockback design. As a result, the Kletten feels and performs like a small fixed blade in use. The forward finger guard and contoured shape provide a secure three-finger grip. At just 3.1-inches long folded, the Kletten doesn’t compromise on capability. The 2.1-inch drop point blade is made of Helle's renowned triple laminated stainless steel with a razor-sharp Scandinavian flat grind.
Kletten is designed for the small adventures that are not planned. It is named after the hill overlooking the village of Holmedal that the locals use for getting out after work. Kletten means "small mountain or large hill" in Norwegian - an apt description in many ways.
kr 1 349,00 kr 1 079,20