Victorinox Budding Knife 2

Lengde: 17,0 cm

Bladlengde:7,0 cm

SKU: 3.9110.B1
kr 465,00


Plantekniv med to blader.
Ett vanlig spisst blad og en barkløfter i messing.
Grepsplater av rød plast.
Lukket lengde 10 cm
Vekt 42 gram. 


Budding Knife with Bark Lifter Keen gardeners know that the process of budding produces strong, resilient, productive plants with plentiful growth. Which is why we’ve designed our essential Budding Knife 2 to ensure precise, accurate cuts and bark lifting. Fitted with a sharp blade, a separate brass bark remover and a 100 mm nylon handle, this tool will help your fruit trees, ornamental trees and shrubs flourish.
Key features:
Ideal for nurseries and gardeners to encourage bud production Swiss made budding knife with two functions With pointed tip blade with separate brass bark lifter.
Item number3.9110.B1
Height 12 mm
Length 94 mm
Weight 42 g