Victorinox Belt Pouch Nylon

Lengde: 0,0 cm

Bladlengde:0,0 cm

SKU: 4.0545.3
kr 250,00


Sort nylonslire for Victorinox kniver (og andre).
Klaffen lukkes med borrelås. Beltehempe.
Passer foldekniver med lukket lengde på ca 9-9,5 cm,
tykkelse 2 cm, bredde 4 cm.
Vekt 34 gram.
Produsert i Sveits. 
Høyde         32 mm
Lengde    100 mm
Bredde       63 mm       


Pouch with Built-In Belt Loop
Every exceptional tool needs an exceptional home. Think kitchen knives and their tough countertop block counterparts, or a compass and its heat, snow and humidity resistant casing. Our nylon belt pouch is a safe, smart way to stow your Victorinox pocket knife when you're on the go. Designed to neatly house your favorite tools with some essential extra cushioning, its classic black hue with standout grey trim lend it style kudos, too.
Height         32 mm
Length      100 mm
Width        63 mm
Weight       34 g