Spartan Ares BLK/BLK w/tan nylon

Lengde: 0,0 cm

Bladlengde:0,0 cm

kr 4 990,00


Fulltangkniv, fast blad.
Grepsplater av sort  Micarta.
Recurveblad av CPM S45VN rustfritt stål med sort coating,
Herdet til 60 HRC.
Bladlengde 13,8 cm, totallengde 26,5 cm, vekt 205 gram.
Leveres med coyotebrun nylonslire, MOLLE-kompatibelt.
Produsert i USA


Spartan Ares Fighter / Combat Utility Knife The son of Zeus and Hera in Greek mythology, Ares was the god of savage war, bloodlust, and slaughter personified on the battlefield. We chose this fitting name for the Spartan Ares custom combat knife, as it’s the result of many years of combined knife making experience directed towards the goal of creating the ideal fighting knife. The Spartan Ares is manufactured for the modern warrior. It is a military grade fighting / utility knife, with several distinctive features designed to assist the serious military professional. The Ares handcrafted combat knife was engineered both for and with the input of various U.S. Special Operations Forces and other government agencies. If you’re looking for a high quality custom combat knife that will serve you well for years to come, you’ve found it in the Spartan Ares.