Sentry Marine Tuf-Cloth oljeduk

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SKU: SY1020
kr 175,00


Oljeseduk, CDLP.
Ideell for vedlikehold av kniver og annet. 
Beskytter mot saltvann og særlig høy fuktighet.
Måler 12" x 12" (ca 30x30cm)
Produsert i USA.


(12" x 12"/144 sq. in.) A special formula with additional ingredients to enhance protection against highly corrosive saltwater and high humidity. Use Marine Tuf-Cloth when your gear is faced with extreme conditions or for long term storage. Tuf-Cloths are made of a soft lint free fabric that is very durable. They come in re-sealable zip-lock vapor barrier storage pouches to ensure long life.