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Sharpener Honing Kit - knivslipesett

Lager: 1

kr 325,00

Smith's 2-Step Knife Sharpener

Lager: 2

kr 59,00

Smith's Edge Eater Tool Sharpener

Lager: 1

This Smith's EdgeEater features a multi-purpose design for sharpening a wide range of edged tools. The EdgeEater will quickly sharpens axes, machetes, mower blades, clippers, shovels, hoes and more. It has a groove grip for comfortable and safe use. item includes a stone cap that protects the hand during use.
kr 195,00

Standard Leather Powerstrop

Lager: 1

3 1/2" diameter leather wheel. Fits into any standard power drill. Simply apply the included buffing compound to the flat leather wheel and let the drill do the work of bringing your edge up to a polished surface. Removes the wire edge burr from stone sharpening - resulting in a keen razor-sharp edge like you've never had before! Rated for 600-800 RPM. Use for the inside radius of gouges, plane blades, wood chisels, draw knives and other tools.
kr 435,00

Vulkanus Professional knivsliper

Lager: 1

kr 1 395,00

Sentry Marine Tuf-Cloth oljeduk

Lager: 2

(12" x 12"/144 sq. in.) A special formula with additional ingredients to enhance protection against highly corrosive saltwater and high humidity. Use Marine Tuf-Cloth when your gear is faced with extreme conditions or for long term storage. Tuf-Cloths are made of a soft lint free fabric that is very durable. They come in re-sealable zip-lock vapor barrier storage pouches to ensure long life.
kr 175,00