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Sharpener Honing Kit - knivslipesett

Lager: 1

kr 325,00

Smith's 2-Step Knife Sharpener

Lager: 1

kr 59,00

Standard Leather Powerstrop

Lager: 1

3 1/2" diameter leather wheel. Fits into any standard power drill. Simply apply the included buffing compound to the flat leather wheel and let the drill do the work of bringing your edge up to a polished surface. Removes the wire edge burr from stone sharpening - resulting in a keen razor-sharp edge like you've never had before! Rated for 600-800 RPM. Use for the inside radius of gouges, plane blades, wood chisels, draw knives and other tools.
kr 435,00

Sentry Marine Tuf-Cloth oljeduk

Lager: 2

(12" x 12"/144 sq. in.) A special formula with additional ingredients to enhance protection against highly corrosive saltwater and high humidity. Use Marine Tuf-Cloth when your gear is faced with extreme conditions or for long term storage. Tuf-Cloths are made of a soft lint free fabric that is very durable. They come in re-sealable zip-lock vapor barrier storage pouches to ensure long life.
kr 175,00

MAM brynesten

Lager: 1

9" overall. 5 1/8" cone-shaped coarse sharpening stone. 1/2" wide. Ergonomic round designed beechwood handle with knob pommel.
kr 195,00

Super Pocket Steel slipestål

Lager: 1

3 3/8" overall. 2 1/2" sharpening steel. Brass handle. Easy to carry! Fits anywhere! Convenient to use! Great for tool box or tackle box.
kr 95,00

Smith's 9" Sharpening Steel slipestål

Lager: 2

14" overall. Black synthetic handle. 9" steel rod. Realigns straight edge knives. Oversized hand guard. Hang ring.
kr 225,00

Lansky 13" SharpStick slipestål

Lager: 2

18 1/8" overall. 12 5/8" fine grit Butcher's style steel sharpening rod. Grooved black rubberized non-slip handle with hand guard, lanyard hole and hanger ring.
kr 275,00

Arkansas keramisk slipestav

Lager: 0

Arkansas Sharpeners. 12" overall. Wood handle.
kr 150,00

FrogLube Extreme Liquid Spray

Lager: 6

1oz. Works in every climate from -40 F to 125 F. Developed to allow professionals to transition between sub-zero conditions through high temperatures without having to change out their bio-based lubricant. Pourable in freezing climates and stays intact during high heat operations. Works the same as current FrogLube CLP products. Reduces fouling on tactical rifles used in high column round counts. Functions extremely well on tight action or precision built firearms including AR and M-1911. All natural. Non-toxic. Petroleum-free. Bulk packed.
kr 175,00

FrogLube Super Degreaser

Lager: 3

Professional grade. Super strength carbon and metal cleaner. Bio-based, non-toxic, non-flammable, non-petroleum concentrated dry solvent. Used as a high powered degreasing solvent (DS), powder cleaning and rifle bore cleaner (RBC). Engineered to dissolve carbon, clear heavy metals such as chrome and stainless steel. It cleans coatings such as Cerakote, Duracoate, Nickel Boron and QPQ. Leaves the firearm surface clean and extremely dry. It removes heavy surface fouling, stubborn deposits, hardened grease/sand paste, excess lubricant and cleans internal actions of contaminants or extraneous fouling particles and excess lubricant which may have become deposited in tight tolerance spaces or between moving parts. Designed to comply with U.S. Army TM 9-1005-211-12 (M1911A1), U.S Army FM 31-70 Field Manual for Cold Weather Operations, U.S. Army FM 90-3/U.S.M.C. FMFM 7-27 Field Manual for Desert Operations and others. Formulated to exceed specification MIL-PRF-680. Environmentally green. Clear reusable plastic bottle with screw top lid and flip top. 4 fl. oz. Bulk packed.
kr 295,00

FrogLube Knife Care Kit

Lager: 1

Includes: 1 oz spray bottle Solvent; 5ml squeeze packet of Preservative; Q-tip; small plastic container. Hang packaged.
kr 195,00