Ganzo Touch Pro Steel slipesett

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kr 595,00
Din pris: kr 476,00


Knivslipesett fra Ganzo.
Leveres med fire stener på 120, 320, 600 og 1500 grit.
Produsert i China.


The Ganzo Touch Steel sharpening system has been created for sharpening blades of different type, i.e. knives, scissors and other tools. All details are made from steel, and that’s why the Ganzo Touch Steel Sharpener has such great strength and durability. The company has developed another Ganzo universal grinder, called Touch Steel. Its main characteristics being a metal structure, so there a no concerns about the strength and durability of the tool. Optionally, the user can fasten the base of the grinder to a table top or other surface and for this purpose there are special for bolts. It is of course, quite possible just to hold the tool so that it doesn’t move while sharpening a knife. It is also important to note that the grinder Ganzo Touch Pro Steel is more compact than previous models; therefore, it is easier to transport. The grinding guide consists of two separate parts. The handle on this model is oblong with a rubber coating. Touch Pro Steel will appeal to both home workers who do not have experience in self-sharpening of knives and also professional users. The grinder provides the user with some flexibility with the whole sharpening process, by selection of the most appropriate parameter settings. The knife can be firmly fixed using a clamping plate, and in this position the use can be assured that no hands will be injured during sharpening. The blade will always be set at the correct angle of inclination. Sharpening angle is set individually depending on the type of sharpened tool.
The grinding tool kit includes four grinding stones grinding stones ate different levels of granulation. The mechanism of grinding stone replacement in the Ganzo Touch Pro Steel, allows for easy and quick setting, done in seconds! With the grinder Ganzo Touch Pro Steel in base kit form, high quality sharpening of heavy blunt knives can be done with confidence.
Metal structure throughout;
Sharpening angle is freely adjustable;
Rigid fixation of the blade is possible;
The grinder can be fastened to any smooth surface;
Sharpening function knives of any purpose, scissors, construction and garden tools;
Fast change of grinding stone is possible.