Ganzo F7452 karbon

Lengde: 21,5 cm

Bladlengde:9,0 cm

SKU: F7452-CF
kr 325,00


Foldekniv med akselås.
Grep av sort karbonfiber.
Blad i rustfritt 440C stål herdet til 58 HRC. 
Tosidig tommelknapp for enhånds åpning med høyre eller venstre hånd.
Lukket lengde 12 cm.
Vekt 143 gram.
Leveres med reversibelt belteclip og fløyelspose.
Produsert i China.


Description of the knife Firebird G7452-CF:
Folding knives are especially convenient for tourism and Ganzo G7452 model is made in such a way as to take into account all the features of field use. Metal for this knife - stainless steel. This solid steel grade 440C (about 58HRC), which is capable for a long time to maintain a high quality sharpening. The blade has a sharp tip, characteristic forms of drop-point, and completely straight line sharpening. Carbon fiber is used for handle material. It is easily recognizable by the exclusive interlacing fibers. Carbon is comparable in strength to steel, but much lighter and it is the best for tourist knives. In addition, it is comfortable to hold, even during cold weather or after a prolonged stay of the knife in the sun. Blade length in the ready for use is 21 cm. Of these, 9 cm falls on the blade. G-Lock helps for entirely safe using of this model.