Ganzo 7413P oransje m/fløyte

Lengde: 21,0 cm

Bladlengde:9,0 cm

kr 325,00
Din pris: kr 260,00


Foldekniv med akselås.
Grepsplater av rillet, oransje G-10.
Blad i rustfritt 440C stål herdet til 58-60 HRC, sort finish. 
Tosidig tommelknapp for enhånds åpning med høyre eller venstre hånd.
Lukket lengde 12 cm.
Vekt 150 gram.
Leveres med 2-posisjons, sort belteclip og nylonpose samt en fløyte.
Produsert i China.


Description of Knife Ganzo G7413P-WS:
Compact folding knife will be of use every time you have a nature trip. Ganzo G7413P has all qualities that make it an excellent candidate for this position. Its blade is made of one of the most popular steel brands – 440C. It is resistant to rust and other types of corrosion. Moreover, dark coating of the blade is additional protection. This coating has also a tactical value, due to it the knife does not glare in the sun. Therefore, the hunters should pay attention to Ganzo G7413P model. The blade cutting edge is completely smooth; it is a classical sharpening technique. The balde size is up to 89 mm. The knife length together with the handle is 205 mm. plastic cover plates with G10 label are bolted to the metal base of the handle. They are not completely smooth but with a small texture that does not allow the knife to slip. Since plastic is easily painted, the manufacturers offer three handle options: orange, black and green. In every options, a metal clip is attached to the knife handle and a small lanyard with a wistle.