Ganzo 738 oransje

Lengde: 21,0 cm

Bladlengde:9,0 cm

SKU: G738-OR
kr 295,00


Foldekniv med akselås.
Grep av oransje G-10.
Blad i rustfritt 440C stål herdet til 58 HRC. 
Tosidig tommelknapp for enhånds åpning med venstre eller høyre hånd.
Lukket lengde 12 cm. 
Vekt 133 gram.
Leveres med reversibelt belteclip og fløyelspose.
Produsert i China.


Description of Knife Ganzo G738:
To sustain operation in such harsh conditions that assume outdoor activities, the knife has to be assembled from the highest quality components. Thus, Ganzo G738 blade is made of stainless steel which is widely applied in this industry. 440C steel grade includes a number of alloying elements that improve its properties, increase resistance to rusting and ability to be sharpened. The bladegeometry is properlythought out. This is a drop point with a low butt line. The tip of the blade slightly is raised whereby the cutting edge is actually lengthened. Blade sharpening is flat and is easy updated using the most ordinary pocket sharpener. Regarding the blade dimensions – the length is of 8.9 cm making it easy to use a knife for cleaning fish, preparing sandwiches, and thickness is of 3.3 mm.
Fiberglass G10 was selected as handle material. It has earned trust of producers and customers of knives due to corrosion resistance and durability. On these grounds G10 is significantly superior to other types of plastics. The knife handle has a comfortable size and shape. Its surface is not smooth but textured, moreover, long recess in the bottom of the handle prevent slipping. They also serve as a decorative element in the overall design. Ganzo G738 is available in three options each of them has a different color.
The customers can choose a knife handle of black, dark-green or orange color.