Ganzo 726 sort

Lengde: 19,0 cm

Bladlengde:8,5 cm

kr 225,00


Foldekniv med akselås
Grep av sort glassforsterket nylon.
Blad i rustfritt 440C stål herdet til 56-58 HRC. 
Tosidig tommelknapp for enhånds åpning med venstre eller høyre hånd.
Lukket lengde 11 cm.
Vekt 119 gram.
Leveres med belteclip.
Produsert i China.


Description of Ganzo G726M Knife:

Ganzo 726M knife has a good combination of small sizes with high practicality and universality. Producers managed to achieve this through the use of a folding structure and quality material.

440C steel with 58 units of hardness was used for the production of the knife blade. This type of steel is widely used for the knife production as it combines such important qualities as corrosion resistance and small material hardness. Both qualities are valuable for tourist knives which are difficult to take care of.

The blade length of this model is 8.5 cm. At the same time, the folded knife size is 10.5 cm, and the unfolded knife has increased length of 19 cm. The blade is grinded by universal smooth sharpening which is suitable for work with most materials.

The base of the handle was made by Ganzo specialists from the same steel as the knife blade. But on both sides there are embedding elements from glass-fiber reinforced nylon. This is a very strong and durable material resistant to most forms of corrosion. It is not overheated under the sun and is not overcooled in the cold. Therefore, it will be comfortable to hold the knife in any season. There are knurled straps on the handle to prevent from slipping out of the wet palms. Buyers can choose among three color options of Ganzo 726M knife: black, dark-green and bright-orange. Apropos, there is a clip-pin on the handle to fasten the knife to the pocket.


  • 440C steel was used for the knife blade;
  • Glass-fiber nylon was used for the handle;
  • Knife weight is 119 grams;
  • Length of the knife blade is 8.5 cm;
  • Length of the folded knife is 10.5 cm;
  • Metal hardness reaches 58 HRC.