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Spartan Hybris, Coyote Brown Kydex

spartan hybris/ coyote brown kydex
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spartan hybris/ coyote brown kydex 1 SB42DEBKKYTN_1.jpg
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26,5 cm
13,5 cm
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Fulltangkniv, fast blad.
Grepsplater av sort Canvas Micarta.
Blad i rustfritt S35VN stål med dark earth coating.
Herdet til 59-60 HRC.
Vekt 266 gram.
Leveres med Coyote Brown kydexslire.
Produsert i USA
Spartan Hybris Combat / Utility Knife
In ancient Greek mythology, Hybris was known as the goddess of insolence, violence, pride, and outrageous behavior. The Spartan Hybris Combat / Utility knife is sure to inspire pride in its owner, making Hybris a fitting name for it.
This handcrafted combat knife features a reverse tanto design, also known as a sheepsfoot style knife. Designed through collaboration between Curtis Iovito and Mark Carey, the Spartan Blades Hybris custom combat knife features an overall length of 10 7/16”, with a blade thickness of 3/16”. Its blade is crafted from Crucible Particle Metallurgy, or CPM steel, with a hardness rating of 59-60 on the HRC Rockwell scale. One of the best combat knife options you’ll find anywhere, the Spartan Hybris is available with tungsten Diamond-Like Coating (DLC) or Zirconium Nitride (ZrN) finishes. Choose between a CE Canvas Micarta® Black or Green handle.
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