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Benchmade Hunt North Fork Folder

benchmade hunt north fork folder
17,5 cm
7,5 cm
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Elegant foldekniv med Axis lås.
Grepsplater av G-10.
Blad i rustfritt CPM-S30V stål med tosidig tommelknapp.
Herdet til RC 58-30.
Vekt 96 gram. 
Leveres med reversibelt belteclip.
Produsert i USA.
A compact AXIS® folding hunting knife with a recurved blade to assist with processing duties. Keep one in your pocket and a fixed blade in your pack. Benchmade surveyed backcountry hunters to come up with the designs for their new HUNT Series. The series includes 10 different knives (both fixed blades and folders) with blades forged in CPM S30V steel. This is powdered steel known for edge retention. The HUNT series includes 6 fixed blade knives and 4 folders. All with a CPM S30V stainless steel blade that is considered as a premium steel of choice for rugged application knives. The CPM S30V is definitely no push over. First of all, it is stainless steel which means it has a supreme ability to resist rust and corrosion that is common and a big problem for hunters. It requires less maintenance and therefore more time for you to do the things that matters more like skinning that deer you just took down. The CPM S30V is also one of the very best when it comes to edge retention. Stainless steel knives are known to lose their edge relatively fast because they are not as stiff as high carbon knives but not the CPM S30V. The Benchmade HUNT series knives all comes crazy sharp right out of the box and you can expect them to stay that way for quite some time. The handle of the Benchmade HUNT series knives also come with beautifully crafted handles that are not only aesthetically pleasing but ergonomically sound as well. A sharp knife is only a safe knife if you can handle it safely. Benchmade makes sure of this by ensuring a safe and well-crafted handle design that will enable you to safely maneuver the knife with ease even in wet conditions which is often the case in the wild. Whether you’re skinning a deer or deboning a fish, you can be sure that your Benchmade HUNT series knife will stay safely in your hand. The fixed blade Benchmade HUNT knife are all full-tang constructed ensuring their strength and dependability while the folders all have the AXIS lock for safety. The handles will either have a G-10 scale or a dymondwood handle that not only makes the handle strong but aesthetically pleasing as well. Having a knife that is equally at home in the wild and a display case is a double whammy any day of the week. The Benchmade HUNT series of knives are all a result of years of technological research. Benchmade used space age material to create the ultimate hunting knife series and they hit a homerun with the HUNT series. Every inch of a Benchmade HUNT series knife is designed to fit a specific purpose, from the jimping on the blade spine to the finger notch on the handle, all are meant to give you full control and safety in any situation.
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