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Spartan Phrike, BLK/TAN

spartan phrike/ blk/tan
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22 cm
10,5 cm
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Grepsplater av tan G-10, med snor i enden av grepet.
Blad av rustfritt CPM-S35VN stål, herdet til 59-60 HRC.
Sort PVD coating.
Leveres med tan kydexslire med IWB-stropp.
Vekt 112 gram.
Produsert i USA.
Spartan Phrike Self Defense / Utility Knife
According to ancient Greek mythology, Phrike was the goddess of horror and fear. In the ancient Greek language, the word “phrike” literally meant “tremor” or “shivering.”
The Spartan Phrike custom self defense knife is certainly an imposing blade: despite its small size, the Phrike stands out as an effective, finely crafted, and perfectly honed tool for both self defense and utility use. The Spartan Phrike’s small, lightweight blade was designed specifically to be easy to carry for self defense and bushcraft. The knife’s 4.25” blade and minimal inset handle make it comfortable, slim, and highly portable.
The Phrike is an excellent utility knife, and can be carried on a daily basis for managing common tasks. It’s also perfect for the outdoors, and can be taken along on hunting and backpacking trips. In addition to this, the Phrike makes for a phenomenal handcrafted self defense knife, and is ideal to carry for emergencies and unexpected situations.
Available with a nylon MOLLE sheath or Kydex sheath in multiple color options.
Note: the nylon MOLLE sheath option features a military style pull dot fastener (snap). This is perfect if you’re looking for maximum retention capabilities. However, the pull dot style fastener can create wear on the G10 handle inserts if you’re not especially careful with how you carry the knife. Therefore, we recommend placing the lanyard underneath the snap in order to cut down on wear to the Phrike’s handle.
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