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Ganzo 743-2 sort

ganzo 743 2 sort
ganzo 743 2 sort 0 G743-2-BK.jpg
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20 cm
8,5 cm
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Foldekniv med framelock.
Grep av sort G-10.
Blad i rustfritt 440C stål herdet til 58-60 HRC. 
Tommelknapp på venstre side for enhånds åpning.
Lukket lengde 11,5 cm.
Vekt 130 gram.
Leveres med belteclip og fløyelspose.
Produsert i China.
Se varenr. "KnifeBag-2" for belteslire. Kun kr. 50,-
Description of Ganzo G743-2 Knife:
Ganzo G743-2 model looks distant and laconic. The design of this knife is more classic than sportive. Nevertheless, it is equally convenient to use it for both everyday tasks and nature or camping trips. The main material of this knife is 440C stainless steel. It is widespread in the knife industry due to good tolerance of real-life conditions and keeps high-quality sharpening for a long time. The knife blade is sharpened completely smooth and, therefore, it is convenient to cut any food, and many other materials. All cutting sections are accurate and flat. Blade length of this knife is 87 mm. Strength is provided by the metal thickness of 3 mm. Ganzo G743-2 model is characterized by almost matt blade and Stonewash treatment. It reflects only direct rays and scratches are less noticeable on such surface.
Ganzo G743-2 has a combined handle. Area near the blade (about one-third of the length) is also made of steel and has the same treatment as the blade. On the remaining part, both handle sides have cover plates from fiberglass composite known as G10. They are bolted to the base by two small bolts. The surface of cover plates is roughened by applying a small knurling. This helps to keep the knife in the hand even tighter if the palms are wet. One side of the handle has a fixed clip that is also made of steel. Its relocation is impossible in this model.
Convenient folding knife;
Blade material is 440C steel;
Blade size is 87 mm;
Handle length is 113 mm;
Knife weight is 130 grams;
Handle material is G10;
Smoothly sharpened blade.
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