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Benchmade Exotac Ferro Rod w/tinder

benchmade exotac ferro rod w/tinder
benchmade exotac ferro rod w/tinder 0 BM50023.jpg
benchmade exotac ferro rod w/tinder 1 BM50023_1.jpg
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Tennstål fra Exotac.
Totallengde 12 cm
Tennstål 7,3 cm,
Hult endestykke i blåanodisert aluminium som inneholder tinder.
Totalvekt 35 gram.
We’ve partnered with Exotac, the leader in high-quality fire tools, to create the perfect ferro rod. Built tough and designed to fit the ferro rod loop on the 162 Bushcrafter and 200 Puukko sheaths. The blue anodized aluminum capsule stands out in contrast with the natural environment, making it easy to find if you set it down. The threaded ferro rod is easily replaceable and works even when wet. Two pieces of included quickLIGHT™ waterproof tinder fit inside the o-ring sealed capsule making this ferro rod an essential addition to any outdoor adventure.
OVERALL LENGTH 4.56” [11.81cm]
CAPSULE WIDTH 0.545” [1.85mm]
WEIGHT +TINDER 1.23oz [35.10g]
WEIGHT -TINDER 1.20oz [34.30g]
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