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Kizer Pry-Axe

kizer pry axe
9 cm
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Lite multiverktøy i blåanodisert titan.
Fastnøkkel i flere størrelser.
Flatt skrujern.
Produsert i China.
The Pry-Axe is an inseparable part of the gear for the modern knight! Inspired by the classic battle axe from the medieval days of yore, the Pry-Axe stands ready to guard against any peril and fell even the sturdiest of foe. But realistically, it will be one of the coolest items you carry and you'll be surprised just how much you'll turn to it in due time. This pocket model features a nail puller, bottle opener, hex drivers, mini pry bar, and flat head screwdriver. It's made of titanium with a unique rustic look and blue anodized finish.
From a Swiss army knife, the love of knives and tools grew like a fire inside him. From serving in the Air Force to being a Network Engineer, even during his continuous pursuit as an MMA practitioner, the desire to create unique, creative and functional designs always drove him on.
Kizer uses high-tech wire EDM machines to cut the parts. This method is slower than laser or waterjet but Kizer feels the quality is worth the wait. Each component in Kizer knives is precision machined and engineered to the finest tolerances. The final fit, finish, action and sharpness of each knife is achieved entirely by hand, employing the irreplaceable craftsmanship developed by generations of cutlery masters. Dedicated craftsman honoring the long-term goal of making the best knives possible is what Kizer brings to you.
Overall Size: 3.50"
Material: Titanium 
Weight: 0.87 oz.
Designer: Eddie Diaz
Made in China
3.5" overall. Stonewash finish Titanium construction. Tools include: Pry bar l Bottle opener l Hex/Bit driver l Flat head screwdriver. Nail puller.
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