Casström No. 3 Dangler- Dark Brown

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Mørkebrunt belteanheng i lær med "antikkmessing"-farvet spenne.
Brukes hvis man ønsker å la kniven henge lavere fra beltet.


Casström's No.3 Dangler is an excellent accessory which lets your knife hang lower down from the waist, enabling it to move freely. This makes movement and handling on and off the belt easier and smoother. The specially designed D-ring can also be used for other purposes.
This product has been designed as a result of customers requesting an extended belt loop - a "dangler" - so that a knife can be easily accessed when you are wearing a jacket or have a large backpack on with a hip belt. The knife comes off easily without having to open your belt, you can also move the knife to your backpack if required, or just quickly remove it if you are approaching an area where knives should not be visible.
Other benefits of using a Dangler are that it is easier to sit down without the knife causing an obstruction. When the sheath hangs it will bend at the height of the hip joint which allows the knife to smoothly follow your leg movement. If you anchor it to the leg you can run, climb and bend without the knife getting in the way.
We have also designed the D-ring as a carabiner which gives the product many more features and applications.The D-ring is made of sturdy 8mm thick aluminum and tested up to a 450kg breaking load which means that you can use it for lots of different purposes, for example to hang up equipment, pull an animal or anchor a dog leash to your waist.
Note that the D-ring should not be used when climbing as falling can create forces that significantly exceed 450kg. The belt loop is made of sturdy 3mm thick vegetable tanned cowhide available in Cognac Brown or Black. The loop can take belts with a width up to 5cm. The Dangler's D-ring will take knife sheaths with a belt loop up to 34mm wide.