Casström No. 10 SFK 14C28N

Lengde: 22,0 cm

Bladlengde:10,0 cm

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Fulltangkniv med fast blad.
Grepsplater av oransje G-10.
Sorte mellomplater, alt nydelig polert og tilpasset. 
Blad i rustfritt Sandvik 14C28N stål herdet til 58-59 HRC.
Full flat grind. 
Leveres med sort lærslire. 
Produsert i Sverige og Sør-Europa.


These knives are made with a handle in orange G10 - a very though material that is resistant to moisture, cracks and hard impact. The bright colour makes it easier to find a knife lost in the woods. Black liners.
This strong full-tang knife is built for versatile use during hunting, fishing and general use of the forest. It is a very sturdy knife you can skin a moose with, fillet a fish with as well as carving wood. The blade is about 10cm long and made of about 3.5 mm thick Sandvik 14C28N, a Swedish stainless steel developed for knives (58-59 HRC).
The knife is sharpened with a Full Flat grind and has a satin finish. This steel is combined with the grinding makes these knives very easy to cut with, effective for a variety of tasks and maintain an edge well, but is still very easy to sharpen. This type of grind is not optimal for batoning and prying but rather optimised for efficient cutting due to the low angle and thinness behind the edge. To increase the strength the secondary bevel needs to be sharpened back and angle increased a little, however for heavy use we would recommend you choosing a version with Scandinavian grind.
The knife comes with a very sturdy knife sheath made of 3 mm thick vegetable tanned leather. The sheath has an extra wide belt loop, a bottom opening for fluid and a hole for a leg attachment.
About the steel:
Sandvik steel knife 14C28N
Sandvik's most recently developed product in its popular series of knife steel. The optimized composition creates a steel with a unique combination of excellent edge holding features (stability, sharpenability and sharpness), high hardness and high corrosion resistance. This new version steel has the ability to be heat treated so that the wear resistance is improved over prior steel types without affecting the microstructure. To sharpen the knife is therefore relatively easy, while edge stability in terms of chipping and edge rolling is still very good.
Steel structure analysis in percent
C Si Mn P S Cr N
0.62 0.2 0.6 0,025 0.01 14.0 0.11