Casström Firesteel - tennstål blå masur

Lengde: 0,0 cm

Bladlengde:0,0 cm

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Tennstål med håndtak av blå masurbjerk.
Lengde tennstål 6,4 cm, totallengde 9,7 cm
Metallskrape og elastisk snor medfølger.



Description Article no.: 12219
This is a nice firestriker steel made in the Swedish part of Lapland using the traditional natural material curly birch for the handle. A firestriker steel is an essential component of any bushcraft or survival kit and this firestriker comes with real character. This curly birch is also stabilized. It means it's been vacuum injected with blue acrylic which makes it not only beautiful but hard, water resistant and maintenance free.
Quality all-weather firestriker steel 
12000+ strikes
Diameter is 9.5mm (full army size)
Total length approx. 13cm
Handle is made from curly birch wood
A stretch material string/lanyard with a striker plate s looped through a hole in the handle.