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Buck 110 Folding Hunter Ebony

Lager: 1

kr 1 250,00

Buck 110 Hunter Sport

Lager: 1

kr 1 995,00

Buck 110 slire

Lager: 4

Black leather with Buck logo. For Model 110 Folding Hunter or other 5" closed lockbacks.
kr 235,00

Buck 112 slire

Lager: 1

Belt Sheath for Model 112 Folding Ranger or other 4 1/4" closed lockback.
Black leather with Buck logo.
kr 225,00

Buck Apex Purple

Lager: 1

Offered in three different styles, the Apex is a smooth, one-hand opening, versatile folder designed with mountain climbers in mind. The wicked sharp blade and stylish aluminum handle with added bottle opener, come together to make a thin, sleek, multi-functional, lockback knife.
WIth a sturdy carabiner clip, the Apex is never too far from reach.
kr 395,00

Buck Bow TRX tool

Lager: 0

Maintain peak performance of your bow with Buck’s 738 Bow TRX. Designed as a multipurpose tool for the archer, the Bow TRX is packed with all the right elements for the field. Features nine different torx sizes, a 2" blade, Phillips head, scissors and a broadhead wrench tool. Broadhead wrench features a triangle hole for removing broadhead tip and hex holes for routine bow maintenance. Fits 2, 3, and 4 blade broadheads. Bow TRX and Broadhead wrench fit securely in the heavy-duty sheath for safe storage.
Closed: 3.125"; Blade: 2" | Chromium Vanadium | Black Oxide Finish; Handle: Green | G-10; Additional Tools: Scissors; Other Info: Stainless torx drivers: T6, T8, T9, T10, T15, T20, T25, T30, PH2 (#2 Phillips), and #2 Slotted. Also includes broadhead wrench with triangle hole for broadhead tip removal; hex holes for routine maintenance; fits 2, 3, and 4 blade broadheads. Black polyester belt sheath.
kr 595,00

Buck Polyester Sheath for mod. 119

Lager: 1

kr 195,00

Buck Small Pursuit

Lager: 1

8" overall. 3.75" satin finish 420HC stainless drop point blade. Black glass filled nylon handle with green Versaflex onlay. Full tang. Lanyard hole. Black polyester belt sheath.
kr 595,00

Buck Vertex Red

Lager: 1

kr 395,00