Blade-Tech Folding ULU

Lengde: 0,0 cm

Bladlengde:0,0 cm

kr 695,00
Din pris: kr 556,00


Linerlock foldekniv / ULU (Universal Locking Utility)
Blad av rustfritt AUS-8 stål.
Grep av oransje G-10.
Bladlengde 9 cm.
Totallengde åpen 21,5 cm.
Leveres med belteclip.
Produsert i China.


The Universal Locking Utility (U.L.U.) is a folding knife that allows the user to rotate the blade out of the handle into a locked position for use as a Liner-Lock knife. In this position the blade shape and handle make the knife ideal for chopping. This knife also allows the user to slide the blade into a secondary locked position inside the handle with the sharpened edge out for use as cutting, chopping or scrapping tool which is also ideal for fleshing hides… And lastly, it is able to fold back into a pocket knife. The ergonomic handle is aluminum that is coated with a non-slip rubber. The main advantage of this knife is that the user has two completely different types of locking cutting tools rolled into one. One is a pocket folding knife and the other is a ULU type knife. This knife is very easy to clean and maintain because of it’s open construction and rubber handles. Without ever using the knife in the “ulu” position, it is a great camping/outdoor knife and can be very useful for many cutting and chopping chores.