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Kershaw Leek Spectrum A/O

kershaw leek spectrum a/o
18 cm
7,5 cm
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Framelock foldekniv med SpeedAssist åpning.
Grep av rustfritt 410 stål med titanoksyd rainbow coating.
Blad i rustfritt Sandvik 14C28N stål med "titanium-oxide rainbow coating" og tosidig tommelknapp.
Diskret utstikkende tange for flipper funksjon.
Manuell sikring for låsing av bladet i lukket posisjon.
Leveres med belteclip. 
Vekt 85 gram. 
Produsert i USA.
The most spectacular Leek ever
The minute you take the Rainbow Leek out of your pocket, people will start to stare. And who can blame them? The Rainbow Leek is nothing short of spectacular. In fact, when it first came out, it was chosen for Blade Magazine’s Overall Knife of the Year award. The Rainbow Leek’s amazing multi-colored finish comes from a process known as PVD or Physical Vapor Disposition. Metals are ionized with a high-current, low-voltage arc then placed in a vacuum chamber along with the products to be coated—in this case, the blade and handle of the Rainbow Leek. A negative voltage is introduced and a micro-thin layer of metal permanently coats the blade and handle. Ionizing different metals creates different coatings. In this case, the metal is titanium oxide and oxygen is also introduced into part of the process. The combination makes the brilliant rainbow colors you see on the Rainbow Leek (as well as the Rainbow Scallion and Rainbow Chive). Like all Leeks, the Rainbow Leek has a practical 3-inch blade, which makes it a good-sized knife, but not too big.
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