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Leatherman Juice C2 gul

leatherman juice c2 gul
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5,5 cm
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Multiverktøy med 12 funksjoner.
  1. Nebbtang
  2. Vanlig tang
  3. Ekstra kraftig avbiter
  4. Avbitertang
  5. Knivblad i 420HC stål
  6. Boksåpner
  7. Flaskeåpner
  8. Korketrekker
  9. Stjerneskrujern
  10. Medium/stort skrujern
  11. Lite skrujern
  12. Ekstra lite skrujern  
Lukket lengde 8 cm
Vekt 125 gram 
Produsert i USA.
The Leatherman Juice C2 is an extremely handy little devil with all new textured anodized aluminum handles - now available in both Granite and Sunrise. A true Leatherman, the C2 is well equipped with pliers, wire cutters, and four screwdrivers. The Juice C2 is the slimmest of the Juice models, but still has a corkscrew, so even those who travel lightest can enjoy the finer things in life.
  1. Needlenose Pliers

    A cast pinching tool with an angled nose for holding or manipulating materials, ideal for small objects or tight spaces.

  2. Regular Pliers

    A cast pinching tool for holding or manipulating materials.

  3. Hard-wire Cutters

    Bypassing cutting blades ideal for cutting hard wire.

  4. Wire Cutters

    420 HC stainless steel bypass cutting blades, meant for cutting regular-gauge wire.

  5. 420HC Knife

    A knife crafted from 420HC, a high-carbon stainless steel that is corrosion resistant and can be easily maintained.

  6. Can Opener

    A lever/punch style tool to assist in opening canned goods, perfect for camping or in survival situations. The blade on this tool has been ground in a way that it pushes the cut metal into the rim, keeping sharp edges from cutting the user as the can is handled.

  7. Bottle Opener

    A tool that allows the user to pop the top on a favorite beverage.

  8. Corkscrew w/ Assist

    A stainless steel helix tool with a handy arm that extends to brace against the lip of the bottle for leverage when removing a cork.

  9. Phillips Screwdriver

    Created originally by Henry F. Phillips, this screwdriver is for use on Phillips head screws.

  10. Medium/Large Screwdriver

    A flat bladed screwdriver tooled from 420HC stainless steel, intended for use on medium or large slotted screws.

  11. Small Screwdriver

    A flat bladed screwdriver tooled from 420HC stainless steel, intended for use on small slotted screws.

  12. Extra-small Screwdriver
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