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CRKT Ikoma No Time Off

crkt ikoma no time off
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18,5 cm
7,5 cm
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Ny modell for 2015.
Linerlock folder med ny patentert låsing av liner "ILS" (Ikoma Locking System).
Grep av glassforsterket nylon.
Blad i rustfritt BD1 stål av Carpenter, USA.
Leveres med 1-posisjons belteclip.
Designet av Flavio Ikoma.
Vekt 166 gram. 
Produsert i Taiwan.
Picks fights with heavy-duty tasks and wins.
Flavio Ikoma's new rugged everyday carry folding knife is looking for a chance to flex its strength. An IKBS™ ball bearing pivot system with a flipper smoothly deploys a beefy modified drop point blade.
Then the new innovative ILS™ safety sets a pin between the frame and locking liner and you are ready get to work. Grab the heavy-duty waffle iron traction grip handle and good luck letting go. No Time Off™ from designer Flavio Ikoma of Presidente Prudente, Brazil, was initially designed to be a mechanic's folder. It's strong, yet versatile enough to handle whatever tasks you throw its way. You'll be amazed with how smoothly Flavio's IKBS™ ball bearing pivot system deploys the blade on this little workhorse. And you'll love how the patent-pending ILS™ (Ikoma Locking System) ingeniously uses a lever with an elbow to automatically set a pin between the frame and liner. This helps prevent the liner from slipping down the blade ramp, and gives you an extra layer of safety when debris such as lint, dirt and grease gunk up your locking liner.
When you're done using your knife, press down on the ILS™ thumb rest and slide the locking liner over to disengage the safety.
When you need a knife with state-of-the-art features for heavy-duty tasks, the No Time Off™ is ready to punch in.
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