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Ganzo F7533 karbon

ganzo f7533 karbon
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21 cm
9 cm
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Foldekniv med akselås.
Grep av sort karbonfiber.
Blad i rustfritt 440C stål herdet til 58 HRC, grå finish.
Tosidig tommelknapp for enhånds åpning med høyre eller venstre hånd.
Lukket lengde 12 cm.
Vekt 126 gram.
Leveres med grått, reversibelt belteclip og nylonpose.
Produsert i China.
Se varenr. "KnifeBag-2" for belteslire. Kun kr. 50,-
Description of the knife Ganzo G7533-CF:
Ganzo G7533-CF also has all necessary qualities to become a faithful companion for its owner. It doesn't rust when you use the knife in wet conditions. G7533-CF has 440C stainless steel blade. This material belongs to the number of corrosion resistant alloys. At the same time, this alloy has 58HRC hardness. So, G7533-CF's blade remains sharp for a long time. Dimensions of blade are universal:length - 89mm, thickness - 3.3 mm.The shape of the blade - clip-point. Ganzo G7533-CF has a smooth sharpening, this type of sharpening is considered classic and one of the most versatile. The main part of G7533-CF design is a dark coating on the blade. Black blade is made of abrasion resistant powder paint. This coating - matt, so it helps to avoid the blade blinking under the sun. The two scales on the handle are mounted on both sides of a steel base. G7533-CF knife has carbon composite scales. Carbon fiber with its layered structure accounts for an interesting woven pattern on surface. So, G7533-CF with carbon fiber handle is very sturdy and well protected against most types of corrosion.Also, handle design includes lanyard hole and the opportunity to set the clip for carrying on a belt. Ganzo G7533-CF is created with G-Lock. It is a robust lock design, which allows you to use this knife conveniently in wide range of situations.
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